Kudos to the Chamber

My heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation goes to the Collingwood Chamber of Commerce for hosting the 2022 All Candidates Meetings once again, at the Collingwood Legion Branch 63. The mayoral and deputy-mayoral candidates spoke to their audience on Tuesday, Sep. 27, and the council candidates on Thursday, Sep. 29. Thanks also to Chamber CEO Trish […]

A call to Arms

A newly-formed group calling itself “Arms Around Collingwood” sent a questionnaire to candidates for this municipal election. And while I have never heard of them, they claim to have “a minimum 2,500 voting contacts in Collingwood.” Below you will read the questions they asked along with my answers. They requested that respondents “limit answers to […]

Traffic, speeding, and cars. Oh my!

I participated in an excellent Zoom meeting today, hosted by the Town of Collingwood, about the proposed Third Street corridor classification and upgrades. I first wrote about this plan back in August. Now, after the meeting, I am better informed about both the plan and the residents’ concerns about it, thanks to both town staff […]

Public advisory committees

Collingwood used to have many public advisory committees that provided our council and the town with ideas and input in various areas of expertise. These committees also gave members of the public opportunities to become involved in the town and contribute their knowledge and experience, without having to be elected to the political realm. For […]