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Traffic, speeding, and cars. Oh my!

I participated in an excellent Zoom meeting today, hosted by the Town of Collingwood, about the proposed Third Street corridor classification and upgrades. I first wrote about this plan back in August. Now, after the meeting, I am better informed about both the plan and the residents’ concerns about it, thanks to both town staff […]

Public advisory committees

Collingwood used to have many public advisory committees that provided our council and the town with ideas and input in various areas of expertise. These committees also gave members of the public opportunities to become involved in the town and contribute their knowledge and experience, without having to be elected to the political realm. For […]

Downtown pedestrian mall

I have long believed the town should close part of the main street (Hurontario St.) for a few months in the summer to test whether a pedestrian mall would be popular among visitors, businesses, and residents. Main street retail stores could be given space for tents or booths; restaurants could extend their patios; there could […]

Are tiny houses the solution?

For lower-tier, and small, municipalities like Collingwood, housing is a challenge, more today with high-interest rates and housing prices. Affordable housing is under the jurisdiction of the upper tier (in our case, Simcoe County). The province provides few if any tools or powers by which the municipality can encourage or force developers to build anything […]

A ward system for Collingwood

Readers of my blog may recall that I have written about the need for electoral reform in Collingwood, particularly transitioning to a ward system from our current at-large system. Councils have the authority to establish wards under Section 222(1) of Ontario‚Äôs Municipal Act. I last wrote about this in 2018. In 2009, a Collingwood staff […]

Imagining better streetscapes

Ever wonder what our downtown might look like with a pedestrian mall instead of a street clogged with cars and trucks, both in motion and parked? With benches, trees, cycle lanes, brickwork pathways, more patios and merchant booths? A liveable, walkable, safe downtown full of families, shoppers, pets, children, visitors and residents alike; a place […]