For Council in 2022

Count on me to…
Focus on the things that matter to our community

I believe having dependable, safe infrastructure in good condition is crucial to everyone. I will advocate for Collingwood to maintain and upgrade roads, sidewalks, our drinking water and water treatment systems, and other critical infrastructure in a timely, cost-efficient manner. I will push for sustainable growth and development that includes both affordable and attainable housing. I want to see effective traffic calming on our streets and a more accessible, affordable transit system. We need a new hospital, not a renovated one; council should aggressively lobby the province to fund our new hospital as soon as possible. I will fight to keep municipal costs and taxes low without compromising services or safety. I want to create a welcoming environment with less red tape to encourage and sustain business and industry. I believe as a council we should engage and communicate with the public more fully to be open and accountable.
Council serves the public interest, not the private or personal. I will use my experience as a writer and communicator to help keep the public informed of and engaged in the political process. Collingwood deserves better.

Count on me to…
Promote economic and financial sustainability

My experience as a three-term former councillor, a long-term volunteer, and a successful business owner will help ensure Collingwood spends your tax dollars wisely, and on the things that make this town a great place to live and work. I will ask all departments to develop low-to-zero-impact budgets without compromising core services. I will work to unravel red tape and make it easier to do business here. I will advocate for fiscal sustainability and responsibility at all levels of government as I have always done. I will push for better public transit, more affordable housing, and will make decisions that have a positive effect on our environment. I will encourage regional partnerships that develop better relations with our neighbours for business opportunities and collaborative growth. I will be your watchdog at council.

Count on me to…
Work for you, with your interests at heart

Collingwood is our home and it deserves the best from our council. I believe in this community and want to do the best for it and our residents. I want to bring back public advisory committees so we can better engage and include residents and businesses in political decisions. I will help improve relationships with our local industries, businesses, and with our downtown merchants. I will fight to reduce red tape in townhall and in our planning department to make it easier for businesses to grow and thrive here. I want Collingwood to continue to be a liveable, safe, welcoming, and affordable community for everyone, of all ages and incomes. Our community’s core interests and its greater good will be the focus of my term, as they always have been. I will read every staff report, document, and agenda; I will ask questions and make informed decisions before I vote. I will work for you and with you to make Collingwood better.

Count on me to speak out on your behalf at the council table.

I have proudly served this community at many levels for more than 30 years, both on and off council. 

Ian Chadwick
Ian Chadwick

8th-place candidate for Collingwood Council, 2022. Five votes shy of winning a seat.