My campaign profile is published

CollingwoodToday has just published the campaign profile for me, based on the interview I had with their reporter, Erika Engel (the picture was taken by Susan, however). You can read the whole piece here. I felt it was a fair report on my vision and comments, although for all candidates the breadth of issues facing the new term is much wider than any single interview can do justice: affordable and attainable housing, a new (NOT renovated) hospital, infrastructure, traffic calming, parks, walkability, budgets, taxes, staffing, climate change, union contracts, arts centre, development, policing, meeting and committee structure… the list of those things the new council will have to manage is long.

Council’s role is to guide the community,” he said. “A councillor’s role is also to listen to, and engage the public. 

My thanks to CollingwoodToday for providing such coverage for all candidates before voting opens (online voting begins Oct. 8). I hope it helps give readers the confidence to vote for me in the upcoming municipal election. When I am on council I will do my utmost to make this the best town it can be.

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