Our baking infrastructure

A recent article on the Scientific American website was titled The Slow Bake of Our Infrastructure. It was about the effects of accelerating climate change and extreme heat on municipal infrastructure. The author noted:

…we need to examine how well our infrastructures—the systems we’ve built to deliver critical services such as mobility, energy, water, and access to cooled space—are prepared for these new conditions. A mountain of evidence is emerging indicating that they are not, and that our ability to adapt infrastructures on large scales lags far behind how quickly the climate is changing. Failures are inevitable, and we need to be smarter about how we prepare for them.

Our infrastructure is crucial to our community’s quality of life. We cannot afford to have it fail and disrupt our lives. Think of the turmoil that recently happened when Rogers’ mobile and internet services broken down.

Ensuring our infrastructure is well-maintained, up to date, and managed with climate change in mind will be a priority for me in the coming term. We can’t wait for an emergency or a catastrophe to start planning or developing more sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

As the article notes,

…let’s design with failure in mind. In doing so we’ll open up new design opportunities that allow infrastructures to gracefully fail while mitigating death and economic disruption. Safe-to-fail design is the balancing of community, environment, and infrastructural capabilities towards failing gracefully. 

Collingwood deserves a council that cares about our community’s infrastructure.

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