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A story in CollingwoodToday reports that Simcoe County has taken the province to court over the province’s 2021 order to cease admissions at Sunset Manor. The county has argued that inspections leading to the order were ” biased and unfair… because an ex-employee—who was fired in 2017—was part of the inspection team. ” The county has called the closure “tainted” by the former employee’s “animus” towards the facility.

The province, however, defended the ban, claiming “bias had nothing to do” with it and cited numerous “non-compliance” incidents. 

Meanwhile, there are almost 40 empty spaces in Sunset Manor that can’t be filled while the order is in place. These are spaces our community’s most vulnerable seniors need.

This is a bureaucratic roadblock that is affecting our community and Collingwood Council should be actively and aggressively pushing for a resolution so that this situation doesn’t continue any longer.

As of last month, the county confirmed about 25 per cent of beds at Sunset Manor (37 of 148) are now empty. 

I believe Collingwood should be a voice — a LOUD and active voice — working with Simcoe County to lobby the province and restore Sunset Manor to full operational status and allow the many local seniors waiting for a bed to be admitted. And if there are issues that need to be fixed to allow new residents, then our council should be looking for ways Collingwood can help.

Collingwood deserves a council that cares for its residents of all ages.
(Kudos to CollingwoodToday for breaking this story).

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