Voting choices

Just a reminder: while seven council members are going to be elected in Collingwood this fall, you don’t have to vote for seven choices. You can vote for none, one, three… or all seven. As many as you like, just not more than seven. Strategic voting means voting for the few you feel most qualified for office: usually one to three.

You can also vote for a mayor, deputy mayor, and a school board representative, but again: you don’t have to vote for any of them. However, these are important positions (our new mayor will be a full-time position next term) and I recommend you make your selections for them on the ballot.

And keep in mind: this election uses both internet and traditional paper ballots (at the Collingwood Public Library). Please see my contact page for more information on voting this year. The official voting day is Oct. 24, but voting can begin as early as Oct. 8.

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